Medical Principles



Many people who learn about our products Alen®, Eveliza® and/or Eveliza Gluten Free® want to consume them and often find that without much knowledge about them, little benefit is obtained. For this reason, if you are interested in becoming healthy and bettering your quality of life, then, we invite you to learn about certain habits and lifestyles, which destroy health.

If after learning about them you discover that you can be in control of your health and stop being a sick person, then we suggest you schedule an appointment with a one of our trained medical professionals, who will gladly start on the right treatment towards attaining optimum health and maintaining it.

Sugar: Unhealthy

Dairy: Only good during lactation

Exercise: Only in moderation

Tobacco: A known killer

Root canal treatment, to be reconsidered vegan diets: Not so healthy after all

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