We know that nutrition is the key to a healthy life, yet not many people know that to truly have good nutrition, a person must ingest a minimum of 36 grams of nutrients in the form of amino acids, pro vitamins, pro minerals, water and animal fat.


Many people who learn about our products Alen®, Eveliza® and/or Eveliza Gluten Free® want to consume them and often find that without much knowledge about them, little benefit is obtained.


ALEN®, EVELIZA® and EVELIZA Gluten Free® are cereal based nutrients in a very complex negentrophic state, where the essential factors are found in special stereo chemical conditions. Allowing perfect enzymatic recognition in the gut.

Industrias Alen Eveliza is an enterprise that for over 50 years has been committed to producing organic nutrients, with unique characteristics that make them essential in the bettering of health and well being of its consumers.

Our fundamental objective is to contribute to the benefit, wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients, based locally as well as over seas.  We are a leading enterprise well recognized in our country of origin as well as internationally, and we take great pride

and care, in being the only enterprise which has been able to combine medicine, nutrition and the attainment of health, through our deep understanding of medical science, organic agriculture and the desire to attain and maintain a healthy life.

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