Margarita Vaca


31 May Margarita Vaca

t1Translation carried out by Dr.  Evelyn Vargas-Machuca M., MD, on the 30th of July 2014  by petition of Dr. Thomas Rau

In the year 2002 I was diagnosed with cancer in my left ovary, my brother got in touch with Dr. Vargas and he told him about my situation and he recommended I take Eveliza and since then until now I take Eveliza.  My doctor could not believe it since 5 test results in different clinics yielded positive for cancer, after a year of taking Eveliza my doctor carried out a biopsy and when the results came back she said “that is strange, I don´t see anything in your results, everything is negative”, that those were excellent news for me.   Eveliza helped me regenerate my immunologic system, and after a recommendation from Dr. Vargas I asked my doctor to perform surgery where my cancer had been and she said I cannot operate you since you no longer have cancer,  I insisted and she excised only that part where the cancer had been.   Today I am cancer free and I continue to follow the indications that were given to me, no sugars, no coffee, no alcohol and everything is perfect with me.


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